Antelope Island Styled Shoot Part 2

The dreaminess from the first couple we shot at Antelope Island on this styled shoot continued on with this cute couple. Jadye and Chance are real life newlyweds and there is nothing more adorable then that newlywed glow. Since they were my second couple of the night, the sun was starting to set and the wind was picking up like crazy. Jayde's dress was magnificent and so much fun to photograph in the wind. Vintage lace with a beautiful center petal slit in the front, played with the wind and moved so gracefully when she walked. The bouquet made by Breanna of Breezy Floral was so perfect for this shoot, the color was so lush and vibrant and stood out as such a beauty against the desert-scape of Antelope Island. The macrame wrap that held this gorgeous bouquet was made by Brianna of RucaGem and it was so cool! I had never seen macrame done as a bouquet wrap and I just loved it! The last added detail of the cake was such a dream. I have a huge love for succulents and they were so perfect on the white cake. Especially the gold-tipped petals of the succulents. So pretty and I wish I could have a lot of succulents just like that in my home. I may have to get on that!