Mauntua Poppy Fields... Finally - Utah Photographer

I lived in Logan for two years and never made it to the poppy field once! I was so sad that I never made it work, that I was determined to have a family session this year. My cute little guy is 5 months old and LOVES being outside and the color orange, so we had to make it happen and we are so glad we did. 
Making friends in the photography world is sometimes hard, but one way I've found to do it is plan trade sessions, which is exactly what this shoot was. Sierra and I decided to swap family sessions up at the poppies so we both met there and took pictures of each other. We then swapped the photos so we could each edit our own to our liking. I'm so grateful for others that want to do trade sessions and we always have a blast! 
Getting to the poppies was a bit of an ordeal. I mapped out the time earlier in the day so that I knew when we'd need to leave by. As soon as we hopped on the freeway and checked google maps to figure out what time we'd arrive, it said it was going to take 45 minutes longer! There was so much traffic as we soon saw on the freeway and right before the exit to Mantua they were doing construction and it was a nightmare there too. It didn't stop us from having some beautiful light though!
I absolutely loved the poppies!! It was such a dream come true to walk through that beautiful half-trampled field. Henry loved all the color and we loved having these new family photos! 
I also loved being able to get just a couple with my sweetheart again. He's my rock and my biggest supporter and I love him more than words can express. And I absolutely love dancing with him. Sierra asked us to pretend we were slow dancing, and well, we took the opportunity and actually danced. Whenever we dance, I'm always reminded of when we were young and still giddy over each other and loved to slow dance. My heart still skips beats remembering it! 
I definitely plan to utilize the poppy fields more in the coming years, and can't wait to do a bridal session there sometime!! 


Country Barn Wedding - Utah Wedding Photographer

Lexi and Jake are finally husband and wife! 

It was the most beautiful summer day for a country wedding in the little town of Bothwell, Utah. Lexi and Jake planned the most beautiful day in a few short weeks so that Lexi's grandmother who is sick could be there. There was such a special bond that was so evident between Lexi and her grandma, and I'm glad she was able to get pictures with her on this special day. 

The ceremony, complete with a gorgeous barn door backdrop, was so sweet and I am so excited that these two are married! Their bridals were fun, but their wedding was a blast! Amazing venue and amazing family and friends. After the ceremony and family photos came one of my favorite parts of the day: photographing the details. The cake, the bouquets, the decor, everything was just so beautiful and perfect. The cake was especially one of my favorites. A gorgeous cut out topper on a white cake with flowers and a special cutting knife with a ribbon that says "Today I marry the bravest". Jake is a firefighter and I'm so glad they paid tribute to the wonderful service that he provides for our community. My other favorite of the details was the bouquets. They were stunning!! And made by Jake's ever so talented sister-in-law Natalie. I loved the red and pink color scheme and the little pink buds were so unique and pretty! 

We also had time for another mini bridal session and as special request from the bride's mom, we took some photos on a teeter-totter. Adorable! Especially with the wind catching her train and veil. We also took some of my favorite portraits in front of the beautiful barn wood! Lexi and Jake are just so in love and it was an honor to photograph them. 

My all time favorite part of wedding days are the dances. I love the daddy daughter dances, and usually tear up a bit, but it's the first dance that gets me. It always reminds me of dancing with my husband for the first time as husband and wife, and I just can't help but reminisce and be so entirely happy for the new couple. 

Dancing, cake cutting, garter and bouquet tossing all leads up to the exit, and Lexi and Jake decided on a sparkler exit, and I just love them! I hope they never go out of style! 

Congrats Lexi and Jake! I'm so glad you are finally Mr. and Mrs. and hope you have the best married life ever!!

Baby Grace - Utah Newborn Photography

The baby hunger struggle is real!! Even though I just had my baby 3 months ago, shooting this tiny piece of Heaven made me want another! 
My husband's sweet cousin asked me to take pictures at the hospital after she had her baby and I was truly honored. Newborn babies are such a precious sight, and loved by all who come to see them. Mamas just light up the whole room with the love they have for their little babe. They carried their baby for 9 months just waiting for the moment they get to meet them face to face. The love that mama's have for their babies is just simply incredible and to photograph it, is really such a breathtaking experience. It gets even more adorable when there are older siblings gushing over their new baby. But, the cutest and most adorable of all is new daddies. There is just something so special about a dad holding his newborn baby. It is such a tear jerker for me. I get all misty-eyed even thinking about it! You can see the love, admiration and protection in his eyes as he gently cradles a tiny babe in his loving arms. It's one of my absolute favorite sights in the whole entire world. 
It was so much fun to capture 3 older siblings loving and playing with their new sister. I honestly could've stayed all night with them just watching how cute they were arguing over whose turn it was to hold the baby, and who had held her longer. Baby Grace has so much love and support surrounding her, and will grow up in the most loving and adoring family. Congratulations to Brookeh and Mike, and welcome to the world sweet baby!