2018 GRAD Kara - Utah Senior Photographer

This sweet cousin of mine is GRADUATING! I can't believe it is already graduation time, this year has been crazy busy and has just flown by! Kara was the start to my senior sessions this year, and it was everything I hoped it would be. We laughed and giggled and I made fun of myself just to get those genuine laughs.

...I really need to up my joke game. It would save me some humiliation! 

Kara is headed to Utah State **GO AGGIES** and I know she is bound to accomplish great things. Good luck Kara! And enjoy college! 

The Sweetest Engagements - Utah Engagement Photographer

Emily + Cole

Emily and Cole’s engagement session was nothing short of sweet. Because of time constraints, we weren’t able to go to Emily’s first choice of locations - Silver Lake. She still wanted that sort of feel and so after some searching, I remembered a new park built in Bountiful that would be the perfect place to recreate what the pines at Silver Lake looked like. Even though this new park had tons of visitors, we were able to find so many places to shoot without people in the background because the park is huge! I would definitely recommend this place for engagements again or even a bridal session! It’s so versatile and so gorgeous, especially with the green of summertime!

WX SENIOR - Matt - Utah Senior Photographer

It's that time of year, the end of school is approaching and I've been busy with SENIORS! I love shooting seniors and getting to know their plans for after graduation and all the fun adventures they are going on! 
Matt is a senior at Woods Cross High School and is a drummer! He even brought his drumsticks and I was head over heels to incorporate them in his shoot! I love it when we can document these cool moments for my seniors, so that they can look back and remember all the fun things they did in high school. Whether it be sports, or music, or art, I love adding fun elements to the shoot! Congrats Matt! You're going to do great things at Utah State!!


"Selfie" Family Photos

One of the advantages of being a photographer is being able to take your own family photos multiple times a year. Since my babe was born we have had our family photos done once by a fellow profesh and then the trusty ole tripod 3 more times. It can be tricky getting your little ones to look at a camera with no one there to make silly faces. Luckily we have a pretty happy baby so it's easy to get him to smile, but even though he's a happy fella, he doesn't smile for all of them! Especially when he's cutting 4 molars at once. *Please pray for this mama....... 

I love getting to photograph and edit my own family. I love the cute little moments more than the posed photos most times. These are the photos I treasure most, and I love displaying. 

These two boys are my absolute favorite human beings on this planet. I always knew my husband was going to be such a great dad, but seeing it in real life is magical, and just so perfect. I can't imagine only having phone photos of these two. Although I love the in-the-moment, peanut butter faces, or tickle time photos, these ones really show their relationship and I just can't get over them! 

Of course you can't have a family photo sesh without some posed of the whole family. I struggle with wanting to be in photos, but I know that if I don't, down the road I'll regret it. I'm not perfect, and I'm not where I want to be physically, but my babe is only this small for a short time and I want to document every step of the way.